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Services Available at St. Lawrence Marina

- Boat Launch Ramp – The ramp is privately owned my St. Lawrence Marina and we required a small fee for the use of this ramp for upkeep and maintenance when required. 

o   Prices based on size of boat.  Daily prices include tax.  Seasonal passes DO NOT include tax.  Parking for one day is included in the Ramp Fee, any additional days will be $5.00 per day.

o   All Boats– Day Pass $10.00 / Seasonal Pass $100.00Boat Launch 





- Fuel Dock – Currently our fuel dock is active and we provide ethanol free supreme gasoline for boating customers.  Ethanol free gasoline is better for use in the marine environment to avoid the moisture related issues caused by the properties of ethanol.  We will be performing upgrades to this area of our facility this off season, removing the old fuel system and replacing it with above ground tanks and a new pump.

 Fuel Dock

-  Mooring – We are continually dedicated to the upkeep and upgrading of the mooring facilities.  As most are aware at the end of the 2011 season we installed a new docking system on the west side of the bay.  These docks are a commercial modular aluminum frame design with composite decking constructed by Poralu.  We plan on further expansion on the west side in the near future.  As well, we will always strive to keep the east mooring facilities in usable condition with the future plan being to upgrade them when we can.

 East Dock West Dock

-  Boating Accessories Store – St. Lawrence Marina has a fully stocked store for all your boating needs.  If we do not have it in stock, we can have it available from our distributers within days.  Please do not hesitate to ask us for help in finding the best product for your needs.


-  Ice –  We currently do not offer ice,, but will be looking to obtain a supplier for the 2018 season.


-  Maintenance and Repair – We have mechanics on site to perform work required on a wide array of repair, including general maintenance, carb repair, drive work, etc. 


-  Winter Maintenance – St. Lawrence Marina provides all the required maintenance for boats for the winter including:

o   Motor Winterization

o   Shrink Wrapping

o   Plumbing Winterization

o   Boat Bottom Washing

o   Winter Storage (outdoor only)